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When you head into a condo sales office to check out a model unit and browse through floor plans, a major thing to keep in mind is that the sales staff, while knowledgeable in regards to that particular development, work directly for the builder and don’t necessarily have your interests, comfort, or wish list anywhere on their radar. Their job is to sell units. Period. So, if you are an inexperienced or new condo buyer and try to go it alone, you will face some surprises and obstacles that could be prevented by having a pro in your corner.

Here are the best reasons to use an experienced Realtor when purchasing a pre-construction condo unit:

Your realtor can guide you toward developments that they have VIP preview access to sell. Builders will often “give” a limited number of units in various floor plans to select agents to advertise to their clientele in advance of the building hitting the public market. It is in this early stage that you will find the best prices and have the widest selection of suites to choose from. It is because of this VIP pre-sale access that you often see buildings opening their sales centres with signs boasting that they are already 50% sold out, so take advantage!

As mentioned above, the development sales staff will know a ton about the building itself and the intended plans, but there are more technical questions that they may have the answers for, but that you wouldn’t even know to ask. Your realtor will know exactly what to ask and will always have your best interest in mind.

Your realtor will help you negotiate your agreement. They will translate  all of the legalese and real estate jargon in the lengthy contracts and explain things to you in simple terms if needed, suggesting any changes that you may want to make and drawing up amendments on your behalf.

Once you sign the paperwork to start the process of purchasing a suite and have submitted your initial deposit, there is a 10 day “cooling off period” that is mandatory for all newly built condos. There are many things that can transpire and elements of your contract that you may be able to negotiate during that time, but are absolutely bound to once that period comes to an end. Your realtor will walk you through those steps and perhaps refer you to a good lawyer to review the documents and recommend any amendments, just as they would when reviewing the status certificate for a resale condo.

When buying any home, condo, or even a house boat, your real estate agent will use MLS to find comparable properties that are currently listed or recently sold to determine the market value and to decide on the best offer price. Pre-construction is a bit different, as the prices are generally set in stone, but the advantage of having your realtor price shop for you is that they can steer you away from buildings that are overpriced and lead you instead toward developments more within your budget or that may seem extravagant at the time, but could have a higher return on investment down the road.

Of the many complex clauses in your agreement, the “Right to Assign” is one that can be most confuddling, as some builders will deny it outright, while others will be open to it. Your realtor will explain this in full detail. The staff at the sales centre likely will not know this information up front, so it’s important to know your rights in advance of purchasing.

Building plans are not laid out for the average layperson to easily decipher, but your agent will know what to look for to fulfill your wish list! Want to be close to the pool? Are you looking forward to getting your sweat on in the gym? When choosing your unit location, your realtor will ensure that you have easy access to all the things you desire.

Your realtor may have some solid intel into future construction in the neighbourhood that could potentially cause issues like traffic, obstructed views, blocked sunlight, among others that may happen in the future.

Closing costs, HST and legal procedures can be complex, but your agent will help you through all of that and they will communicate directly with you and your lawyer to sort out the details.
After reading all of this, you may be feeling uneasy about purchasing a new build condo, but please, have no fear! That is why real estate agents exist, and pre-construction specialists like myself are highly skilled in negotiating, decoding and blasting through and simplifying the vernacular that can be so daunting.

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